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Newsletter July, 2010

Owner's Corner

Susan with one of her dogs, Butler

Tips & Reminders for dogs outside:

For larger breeds, a well cleaned five gallon paint bucket, with a large rock in the bottom, will prevent the dog from tipping over his water.

Fill up a kiddie plastic pool and place in the shade. Cool and fun!

Install a mister system on your back patio. Your dog will thank you!

Hook up a swamp cooler on your patio for your dogs. Be sure to adequately secure all electrical cords!

If the pavement is too hot for you to touch with your hand, then it is too hot for your doggies paws!

Summer monsoons and the Fourth of July fireworks can be upsetting to your pets. Consult your veterinarian in advance in order to prepare for times of anxiety with your pet. Keep your pet in a safe place indoors and play a radio or TV to help drown out the outdoor storm or festivities. Make sure your pets have ID tags or they are micro chipped in case they get lost. If your dog stays outside, ensure all yard gates are latched/locked to keep your dog inside the yard!

July Promotion to Benefit C.A.R.E.S (Companion Animal Rescue)

From July 1-31, if you use the Promo Code "Adopt Me", either by phone or online reservation, a portion of your payment will go directly to C.A.R.E.S. to help pay for spaying, neutering, shots and medicine for the rescue animals. By attaching this Promo Code to your reservation, Pampered Pets and Plants, Inc. will donate $1.00 for every visit, $2.00 for every Overnight and $3.00 for every Live-In.

"Adopt Me"


My name is Gypsy, because I have been one. I did not have a home, but traveled around with a homeless woman, living off of the streets. When I had my 3 puppies, my Mom turned me into the shelter because she new that she could not take care of all of us. I am about three years.

I really just want to be loved and play ball and be loved some more.

I am small (about 35 pounds) and would be perfect for any home; ie. with other dogs or kids. I do not like cats too much! I am spayed, and current on my shots.

To arrange a meet and greet with Gypsy, Barlett or Tahoe, fill out the online application or Foster-to-Adopt (NEW!) or donate to help us help others like us.


Save Just One

By 5 pm every single day, so many pets with a lifetime left to give will be killed because no one steps up. Think about that. I am sure you shake your head and say things like: "Sad, but it is not my problem." "I have no room for a pet." "I am too busy." Really?

I challenge you to walk the many hallways of the pound. I challenge you to look into the terrified and begging eyes of imprisoned animals: newborns, seniors, purebreds and mixes - all on the same kill list for the same reason - nobody wants them. These imprisoned animals are speaking to you and to me.

Our County pounds are in crisis mode because they are at capacity. Why are they at capacity? Because people are irresponsible. Owners choose not to spay and neuter their pets and once babies arrive, they are thrown away like trash, turned loose on the street, or surrendered to the County pound. The animals are then killed because there is no available kennel to put them in. The animals are then killed because no one adopts them.

What can you do to help? Spay and neuter your pet at a low-cost or no-cost spay and neuter clinic. Adopt just one animal. Foster just one animal. If every person took just one, the pound and shelters would be empty. Save just one, today!

Maricopa County Animal Care Center 602-506-7387, East Valley Location: 2630 West 8th Street, Mesa, AZ 85201. West Valley Location: 2500 South 27th Av., Phoenix AZ 85009

Barlett and Tahoe


My brother and I were found in a cardboard box behind a water treatment plant on the west side of Phoenix. The cardboard box had a big hole at the top where we think our Mom was able to escape. We were too tiny to get out of the box. We do not know what happened to our Mom. A nice lady picked us up & took us to a foster home. We are both boys and we are really cute and love to cuddle, so we are told!

We would love to meet you so please contact Judy with Companion Animal Rescue at 602-579-3811.

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