Foster dog, Patience, 12/2008:

I drove to Tucson this morning, picked up Patience and drove her straight to a Phoenix vet. The vet took an x-ray of her left front leg and it is not broken. He drew some blood, as he suspects she has valley fever, although the blood test results will not be back until this Friday. He also prescribed an antibiotic for her runny nose and very slight fever. The vet estimates her age to be one year. While at the vet, the office mascot cat walked right up to Patience and they smelled one another and Patience wagged her tail the entire time. Other animals came into the vet’s office and Patience befriended all of them!

Patience also had a nice bath and brush at my groomers before we came home. It may well have been the first bath in her lifetime!

Patience has settled in at my home nicely and all my 5 dogs and 1 rescue dog seem to have taken to her okay. Patience has a wonderful temperament and her name suits her, too! When she gets overwhelmed by my dogs smelling and gathering around her, Patience will turn to me and dig her head into my legs and just stand there! She’s quite funny! She walks carefully holding up her swollen paw, yet wags her tail constantly! She ate a bowl of food, drank fresh water and has already selected her bed for the night! She is very sweet and her intelligent eyes say she is grateful!

Attached are some photos. I will take more later and forward them on.

Patience was adopted out to a great home