You may think you don’t need a pet sitter if you have a cat, but we’re here to tell you that they are capable of many antics that means they shouldn’t be alone for longer than 12-16 hours.

Here are five reasons why your cat needs a pet sitter.

1. Medical Emergencies

Cats are known for sudden illnesses that can take their lives in hours. This is largely due to their unwillingness to show pain or injury. A cat that appears perfectly healthy may be hiding things like urinary issues (which can result in severe hydration, massive pain, rapid dehydration and organ failure in hours).

They are also known for hiding diabetes, hyperthyroidism and so much more.

This is just one very important reason to get your cats in for bloodwork and checkups at least every year.

A qualified pet sitter can quickly identify issues and immediately seek treatment for cats who show sudden distress.

2. Feline Shenanigans

If this is your first cat, you may not be prepared for the shenanigans. Kittens are especially known for getting into precarious positions that result in injury.

Whether they climb the walls, eat a toxic plant, run into a wall (it’s happened) or just get their collars or tags stuck in a vent, we are available to offer immediate assistance and medical care!

3. Socialization

Cats are known for their antisocial attitudes, but not every cat is antisocial. Even those who “act like they don’t need humans” find comfort in humans being with them.

There are also some cats that require a great deal of interaction and are very lost without their humans.

This is especially true in single-cat households! If you’re planning on leaving a different species with your cat, it’s very critical that daily visits occur while you’re away.

4. Basic Needs

Cats need regular food and water and if they don’t receive these things, they will experience severe health issues. When a cat decides not to eat for 48 hours, it’s considered an emergency.

Pet cams and automatic feeders are fine, but they need to be monitored daily and your sitter will be able to verify that nothing has happened (like ants, spilling, pests, and more) to your pet’s food and water supply.

5. Escapism

Cats are notorious escape artists! If you already have cats, you know as well as we do that they can find trouble (and freedom) by some very creative routes.

Daily monitoring of your cat also means daily monitoring of your home. If a fire or flood, burglary or other event occurs, the news is almost always better if a sitter can organize a search immediately.

6. Destruction

Cats have some interesting ways to act out and destruction of property is one of their favorite methods.

Whether they want to shred furniture, bite into a power cord, or wreak havoc in general – it’s best to have someone there to pick up the pieces before you get home.

7. Litterboxes

One of the biggest issues we see in feline behavior problems is the unwillingness to use a dirty litter box.

Who can blame them? After all, would you rather use a clean bathroom or a dirty bathroom?

Pet sitters will ensure your cat’s litter boxes are cleaned daily, thereby removing the possibility of spraying!

8. Security and Disasters

As we mentioned above, security is imperative when you’re away from home.

Many people make the mistake of posting online that they are out of town and this can cause serious problems by increasing their chances of burglary.

In Arizona, we are also subject to some extreme weather. In summer, we’re constantly worried about air temperatures for our pets (especially brachycephalic animals). Should your air conditioning be disrupted or if your power goes out during a monsoon storm, we are here for your pets.

Daily check ups by a pet sitter will also help reduce the possibility of someone entering your home and inadvertently allowing your cat to escape.

9. Fearful Felines

Cats are courageous creatures, but even cats can experience fear when they’re left alone too long.

While some cats will act like they don’t care that you are gone, they truly do. Don’t leave your cats alone when you’re out of town!

10. Stimulation

Cats need to hunt. It’s one of their primary instincts in an apex predator. Whether they’re chasing a toy or stalking a pet sitter, it’s one of those things that helps them feel better about their lives.

This type of stimulation is just as critical as food and water. Our sitters know this and are experts at coaxing even the most shy cats out of hiding for a rousing play date.

Never leave cats unattended for longer than 12-16 hours.

A note on cat colonies and feral cats:

We are proud to care for any feral cats or feral colonies that you normally care for while you’re away. This is just one reason why our experienced pet sitters are superior to others you may find online.

Peace of mind can go a long way towards you enjoying your vacation. By hiring a respected, insured, pet sitter, you can go out of town and return home without fear of how your cat or home was being treated.

At Pampered Pets and Plants, we strive for 100% complete customer happiness and after 38 years in the business, we have never failed to reach our goal!

Please don’t hire a neighbor or friend to care for your pets. Your cats deserve as much consideration as any other species and we are honored to be here for them – and for you!