Despite awareness that Mother’s Day is on its way, somehow each year a majority of us find ourselves not really knowing what to buy our beloved Mom. We stand in line at the mall grabbing the first thing we see, which coincidentally was the last thing on the shelf.

Don’t worry – you still have plenty of time to hint gift ideas at the dinner table or glean answers from hypothetical situations posited to your Mom. But, maybe this is the year to try a different approach.

Showing up to Mom’s house with a new pet already in hand may not be appropriate. But, you could give Mom the gift of life in a different way:

A gift certificate to one of  many pet rescues so that she can adopt a new pet!

Pet rescues rely on donations and they use that donated money to spay, neuter, vaccinate, medicate, and provide other life-saving medical treatment for the homeless and unwanted pets that they take in and foster. All pets deserve a chance to be loved and cared about and the rescue community does an amazing job at saving many pets lives.

Adopting a pet is not limited to just dogs and cats. There are many pet rescues for birds, reptiles, guinea pigs and rats. Any of these animals make wonderful pets and all of them would appreciate the care and attention a mother can provide.

Consider adopting from rescue organizations so that they may continue saving animals or visit the Humane Society or Maricopa County for adoption information.

This year put a little something back in the nest that will love Mom unconditionally and be an ideal companion for her.

To check out various rescues/partners visit .

To check out other local Arizona shelters visit:,