How To Remove Cactus Spines from Pets

If you’re new to the Valley of the Sun, you have probably noticed all of those spiky plants around the desert. Maybe you’ve even had a personal encounter with a few of them on the golf course. Not to worry - with over 51 varieties of cactus in Arizona alone, nearly everyone gets up close [...]

How To Remove Cactus Spines from Pets2022-09-26T12:36:20-07:00

Creating a Go Bag for Your Pets in Arizona

La Niña is here and that means a hot, dry summer is approaching. We can never be too careful in preparing for fires here in the Sonoran desert. Nearly all of Arizona is under a fire watch and that means lots of potential evacuations are approaching. Already, Prescott and Flagstaff are experiencing evacuations - often [...]

Creating a Go Bag for Your Pets in Arizona2022-04-21T10:49:42-07:00

National Disaster Preparedness Month

September is National Disaster Preparedness Month. As pet sitters, it’s very important that we have specific plans in place for the pets we care for no matter the time of year. Arizona is host to many potential problems from intense dust storms to seasonal flooding. By having a universal plan in place we can handle [...]

National Disaster Preparedness Month2018-07-31T10:21:00-07:00
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