Is your dog running your household? Does Fido bark often, jump on people and show aggression with his territory?

It’s never too early to start behavioral training and if you have an unruly adult dog, then you have some catch-up training to do!

There are different levels of dog training. The most basic includes commands such as sit, stay and heel. Though these are “entry level”, they are very important as a foundation for future training.

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The next level involves understanding your dog’s social needs. You must build a strong relationship with him so he can trust you and feel secure, as a pack leader would do in the wild.

At an even higher level, you must employ exercises that stimulate his mind. Important things to remember when training at all levels are:

Positive Reinforcement

Give attention and/or treats for appropriate behavior. Never shout or hit your pet. If you do, he will never trust you.

Build a strong relationship

Establish yourself as a trustworthy pack leader and he will be less fearful.

Remain Consistent

Do not sometimes enforce rules and at other times let your dog wiggle onto the couch.

When hiring a professional trainer, keep in mind:

  • What techniques do they use?
  • Are they going to yank your dog on a leash or use positive reinforcement?
  • Are they looking to fulfill the needs of Fido as well as your own?
  • Are they interested in building a relationship between you and your pet or establishing your dog as a slave?

Just as you would be cautious entrusting your child to a stranger, be careful when looking for a dog trainer. Ask for references and check those references to make sure they are legitimate.

Dog training can be stressful but in the end, you and your pet will have a stress-free, loving, and stable relationship.