Father’s Day need not be just for two-legged Dads, but for four-legged Dads too. I would like to honor a four-limbed “grandpa”; by sharing the story of Butler, a Great Dane/Sharpei pooch!

I first met Butler when he was 4 years old. The family that had him could no longer care for him and they asked me if I would be willing to take him. In a heartbeat I said, “Yes”, and off to the vet, groomer and pet store we went!

Butler relished being my only dog and he was a spoiled and thankful pet. He enjoyed our walks, car rides, meeting new people, playing with little kids, and sleeping on his favorite couch.

Then my dog fostering days began! As fosters came and went, Butler was always caring and humble in sharing his space with those needing a stop-gap home. His calm demeanor and wagging tail would help a new dog feel at ease and safe.

Butler was gracious and forgiving when I adopted some of the foster dogs! Butler was always willing to share, and he laid the foundation for my home being a welcoming-dog home, showing  love for all who entered. Butler never met a stranger!

Butler was 12 years old when he passed away. I am sure that Butler warmly greets new friends as they enter the Rainbow Bridge. The fond memories I have with Butler make me smile. He was always a sweet and loving companion to me and to his four-legged siblings and friends.