By 5 pm every single day so many pets with a lifetime left to give will be killed because no one steps up. 

Think about that. I am sure you shake your head and say; “Sad, but it is not my problem.”

I challenge you to walk the chaotic hallways of the pound. I challenge you to look into the terrified and begging eyes of imprisoned animals: seniors, newborns, purebreds and mixes – all on the same kill list for the same reason – nobody wants them. These imprisoned animals are speaking to you and to me.

Our County pounds are in crisis mode because they are at capacity. Why are they at capacity? Because many owners are irresponsible and choose not to spay and neuter their pets, resulting in an epidemic of unwanted pets that are easily discarded and end up as strays or as owner surrenders to Maricopa County Animal Control.

Once at the pound these dogs and cats are sometimes killed the very day they arrive for lack of kennel space. These terrified and helpless dogs and cats are on borrowed time waiting for someone from the public to walk in and to adopt them, or for a rescue group to scoop them up to foster until a permanent home can be found. Rescues work tirelessly to save the lives of these unwanted animals.

What can you do to help? Spay and neuter your pet at a low-cost or no-cost spay and neuter clinic. Adopt or foster just one animal. Not only would you be saving a precious life, you would be making a positive difference in our community. Step up and save just one animal, today!

  • Contact Maricopa County Animal Control, 602-506-7387.
  • East Valley Location: Loop 101/Rio Salado Parkway, 2630 West Rio Salado Parkway, Mesa, AZ 85201.
  • West Valley Location: 27th Avenue/Durango, 2500 South 27th Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85009.
  • Contact Rescues through PACC911