Many years ago, the only cat litter was clumping clay litter. Today, there are so many cat litters on the market it will make your paws pause!

Upon doing some research, I found that sodium bentonite is what makes clay cat litter clump. Sodium bentonite acts like an expandable cement, which is why they caution you on flushing it down the toilet.

Cats and kittens routinely groom their feet after using the litter box, ingesting the clay litter. The clay litter will expand inside the cat just as it will with plumbing.

clay cat litter safety

Once it is inside your cat’s intestines it could extract fluid out of the body, resulting in dehydration, possible urinary tract problems, yeast infections, etc.

Your cat is inhaling the clay cat litter dust, as are you. Clay particles when broken down contain silica dust. Silica dust has been implicated as a cause of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases not only in cats but in humans, too.

Consequently, folks with asthma or other respiratory issues could be unknowingly compounding their problem.

We all want to be healthy and we want our pets to be healthy, too. There are cat litters available today that are made from natural sources like wheat, cedar, pine, and corn.

clay cat litter safety

Read your labels and know what you are buying. Your feline friend and family will thank you!