July 4th is a widely recognized holiday enjoyed by families across the USA.  Who doesn’t love backyard barbecues, family gatherings and patriotic celebrations?   As Americans, we prepare in advance by hanging flags, decorating, menu planning and determining which firework displays we will attend. 

July 4th festivities and loud fireworks can be terrifying for your pets. Consider some advance planning for your pets to ensure they are safe and secure this holiday.   

     July 4th Pet Safety

The Humane Society reports that more pets run away on the July 4th more than any other day of the year!  The report went on to say that 30% of lost pets become lost between July 4th – 6th.  Don’t let your pet become a statistic. Follow these helpful tips on keeping your pet safe.  

July 4th Pet Safety


Science has come a long way and there are many products available to help calm your pet.  As always, consult with your veterinarian to help determine what would be best for your pet. Some of our favorite natural remedies are below (remember, you can use any of these calmants in conjunction with one another).

Here are a few items to check out:

ThunderShirt: Thundershirt is a natural way to keep your pets calm by using pressure points. Remember, if you live in Arizona, you should never use this shirt when your pets are outdoors as it will be far too hot for them. It’s a great tool for indoor use, though!

Rescue Remedy: This natural remedy is made from the essence of calming flowers. Simply put a tiny amount into your pets water or put a drop or two inside their kennel. 

Air Diffuser: ComfortZone is a very popular calmant for dogs, and if you have cats, you should absolutely invest in Feliway. They are made by the same company and work by diffusing natural pheromones into the air which helps to calm your pets. 

Sound: PetAcoustics is a new technology-based product that uses sound as a way to keep your pets calm. The small bluetooth speaker comes preloaded with music specifically created to induce calm in your dogs, cats, horses, or birds. Just set the speaker in the room and turn it on. Humans enjoy the calming music as well!


July 4th Pet Safety


  • Never leave your pets outside unattended in the back yard.  Panicked pets can bolt from the yard. Just don’t risk it. 
  • Give your dog plenty of exercise during the day before festivities begin. 
  • Keep pets indoors in a safe closed room with their bedding, toys, food and water. 
  • Turn on a radio or TV for your pet to help drown out firework noise.
  • Hire Pampered Pets & Plants, Inc. to stay at your home with your pets while you go out to enjoy the festivities.
  • Make sure your pets have current ID tags and they are micro-chipped in case they escape outdoors and get lost.
  • Should your pet become lost follow these recommendations to find your pet.


Enjoy your July 4th festivities while your pets enjoy quiet time at home!   Your pets will thank you for it!


 July 4th Pet Safety                                July 4th Pet Safety