One of the most painful experiences we encounter in life is when our pets pass on. The one flaw Fido and Fluffy possess is that they do not live long enough.

As a family member, their passing is always extremely difficult for us to bear.

Animals seem to know when their time is up.

As caretakers, the best thing we can do for our wise friends is to hold and comfort them, expressing our love as opposed to our need for them.

pet loss

Know that there will be a grief process following all pet deaths, both unexpected and planned, resulting in unexpected depression, fear, guilt and grief. These emotions can be overwhelming and seemingly endless.

How can we heal from such trauma?

Remember that grief has no timetable.

The emptiness will eventually be replaced by gratitude for the friendship we were fortunate enough to experience.

During this remedial period, take good care of yourself, eat healthy, exercise and get enough sleep.  Attending a pet grief support group in your area can aid in the process.

These are some other helpful activities to help you process this deep loss:

  • Try writing your thoughts in a journal.
  • Light a candle in honor of your pet.
  • Create a collage or painting in honor of your pet.
  • Make a scrapbook honoring all of the memories of your pet.
  • Browse your pet store for pet-related books.
  • Personalize a mug, tile or clock with a photo of your furry friend. For pet-personalized art, try AZDogArt.¬†They create custom gifts at reasonable prices as keepsakes for your pet, such as pet memorials, apparel, mugs, etc.
  • Make a donation in your pet’s name to a local no-kill animal rescue.
  • Plant a tree in their memory
  • Volunteer at a shelter – animal shelters are always looking for volunteers to help foster pets, clean kennels, comfort stressed animals, organize fundraisers, and more.

You may even want to visit your local shelter or pet rescue to adopt another pet who desperately needs your love and support. There are so many more that need our help. Only you will know when the time is right to bring another pet into your life.

Pets enrich our lives more than we ever think possible, and we often do not realize this until they have left this earth. It is sad losing your pet, arguably one of the hardest experiences in life – but keep in mind how much better both of your lives were because of the other and that your friend is peacefully crossing the Rainbow Bridge lined by the best memories of your lives.

pet loss