Halloween festivities and trick-or-treating can be entertaining for all ages, although it can be frightening for pets.  Here are some great tips to consider.

1. Isolate Your Pets

Pets can become stressed when loud ghosts and goblins knock at your door.  Place your pet in a closed room in your home.  Make sure that your pets have fresh water, a bed, or crate, so they can lie down.  Turning on a television or a radio to help drown out unwanted noise will also help.  Pets cannot dart out an open front door if they are in a closed room.

Keeping Pets Safe on Halloween

2. Only Dress Up After Lock Up

Pets can become agitated even when their owners dress up with scary masks or costumes.  Eliminate this by donning your costumes after pets are already in a closed room.

Keeping Pets Safe on Halloween

3. Special Care for Cats

All cats, especially black cats, should be indoors near and at Halloween because there are cruel individuals that look for cats to steal, torment and even kill on Halloween. As shocking as this sounds, it happens. Prevent this from happening and keep cats inside.
Keeping Pets Safe on Halloween

4. No Treats for Tricks

Candy can be a danger to pets as well so keep it away

from them. Inform family members of this so everyone is aware, including children.

Halloween candy containing chocolate or xylitol can be lethal to your pets.

Know where an emergency Veterinarian is located in your area should your pet need one and keep Poison Control’s phone number handy.

Arizona Poison Control can be reached at 1-800-222-1222.

Keeping Pets Safe on Halloween

5. Use Battery-Powered Candles

Lit candles that are inside pumpkins can be a potential fire hazard with pets or children.  Be sure to supervise when candles are lit or better yet, use safe candles that are battery operated (like these).
Keeping Pets Safe on Halloween

6. Plan Ahead for Costume Safety

If you choose to dress your pet in a costume for Halloween, remember that the costume should not be restrictive of movement and that it has holes large enough so they can see.  If your pet is used to being dressed up then wearing a tutu might not be so bad. Think again though if you choose Halloween to be the very first time to dress up your pet because you will get “the look” from your pet that says it all!

Keeping Pets Safe on Halloween

Making Halloween festivities fun and safe will help create wonderful memories for your family and pets.

Trick or treat!