Mother’s Day celebrations need not be just for two-legged moms, but a celebration for four-legged moms, too.   I would like to honor a four-legged mother by telling the story of my littlest friend, Dillon. 

I first spotted Dillon at the PACC911 pet rescue adoption event held at the Franciscan Renewal Center on March 10, 2007. From a distance, I observed four-month old Dillon looking at the people strolling by with a confident upheld chin and a swift-wagging tail. Well-meaning folks passed without even a glance, yet Dillon remained steadfast with his hopeful eye contact until they were out of site.

As the crowd settled so did Dillon, lying down next to his siblings; one in particular, to wash her ears, kiss her and lay his head on top of her head as if he were her protector.  Fondly, I watched Dillon act as an awesome puppy caretaker to his runt sister, as she slept underneath her watchful and protective big brother.

Dillon’s story was that his mother was deemed aggressive when she was solely and frantically trying to protect her six puppies from handlers at a shelter and she was put to death, leaving Dillon and his siblings all alone at three weeks of age.  

Thankfully, Companion Animal Rescue scooped up these precious terrier mix puppies before they were put to death like their mother.  These puppies had been fostered and cared for and were now ready to find their forever homes.

Dillon was introduced to my other pets for playtime at a home visit before having a sleepover to ensure this decision was right for all involved.  Dillon quickly commanded a special sleeping spot-the pillow next to mine!  My decision was made!  Dillon’s name was imprinted on the pillow!

Motherhood for Pet Lovers

Dillon has comfortably settled in his new forever home and has graciously allowed me to be a caretaker for him.  

Dillon is a small dog with a huge spirit, full of warmth and tenderness.  I feel blessed to have found Dillon.  Dillon’s siblings were adopted one by one, leaving Dillon as the last puppy.  Ironically, he accomplished his job of protector, friend and big brother, and now it was his turn to find a forever home, and that is with me.  

Dillon’s mother fought to the end to protect him and I know Dillon’s mom would be proud of the wonderful little boy she had. I sure am.