Gracie has her own story: In the Spring of 2008 I answered a plea from County that they needed “bottle feeders for pups”.  I went down and was shown “Gracie” and her one pup. Gracie was ill with an upper respiratory infection & was scheduled to die at 5pm that day. There was another Mother dog in another cage with her own 3 nursing pups and she was also set to die at 5pm.

Naïve and with bewilderment, I asked why they needed “bottle feeders” when these total of 4 pups were nursing on their Moms. I was told that they need the cages, did not have room, puppies always get adopted & the Mothers would have to die. Mortified, I said I would take all pups and both Moms.  I refused to walk away knowing that those 2 Mama’s would be put to death if I took their pups home to bottle feed. So, I took them all. 

I was able to find a rescue in Prescott, Circle Ranch Rescue, that took the Mom & her 3 pups so I drove them up to Prescott. I am told that Mom is still at the rescue and has become the Matriarch of the place. Her 3 pups were adopted out. 

Gracie became very bonded with me and she was an excellent Mom to her sole pup and the pup did not even have her eyes open when I brought her home. I named the pup “Tally” and I named her Mom “Gracie”. Once weaned, I found an excellent home for Tally and she is well loved in her new home. 

I never had anyone come forward wanting to adopt Gracie, so I kept her. We had become very bonded!  Gracie is the best dog that I have ever owned in my life!