Katey’s Story:  A distraught couple drove their dead dog and her 10 newborns to the County Pound & Joey, from Cocker Spaniel Rescue, was leaving the Pound so they began talking. The owners said they came home to find their white Pit had delivered 10 pups while they were gone and that she was dead. Speculation is that she still had another pup inside her when she died. Unclear if Mama was in good health or not. The couple spoke mostly Spanish so it was difficult to get an exact timeline or much background, other than the Dad is a German Shepherd. Joey scooped up all 10 . I took in 4 of the puppies to bottle feed. 3 pups died. “Katey” was the lone survivor.

Katey, an orphaned 6 week old Shar Pei, who was the only survivor of a litter of 10. I have bottle fed & fostered Katey since she was 3 days old. Katey is a cuddlebug, is already very socialized and has the best puppy breath!  My own dog, Gracie has become her Mother! Gracie is a little Mother to everyone and she has done a remarkable job tending to these orphaned 4 pups…..now just one pup.

Naturally, Katey was a labor of love and love her I did!  I adopted her.