Pet Etiquette: Training Your Pet

As parents, we set boundaries for our children to ensure they remain safe. Our animals also need guidelines. Animals who come into contact with people on a regular basis, such as dogs on a walk, need strict ground rules implemented by Mommy and Daddy. Pet Etiquette is not only flattering to you and your pet; it helps demonstrate respect for the strangers you will meet. As with all dog training, it is best to start training at a young age. […]

You ate my shoes again?

Is your dog running your household? Does Fido bark often, jump on people and show aggression with his territory? It’s never too early to start behavioral training and if you have an unruly adult dog, then you have some catch-up training to do! There are different levels of dog training. The most basic includes commands such as sit, stay and heel. Though these are “entry level”, they are very important as a foundation for future training. […]