Halloween Pets: Protecting Pets from Ghosts & Ghouls

While Halloween can be fun for children with candy and costumes, it can be a frightening time for pets. Keep in mind that your pets will be afraid of ghosts and ghouls knocking on your front door. Keep these general rules in mind so your pets are safe during this holiday: […]

Halloween Pets: Protecting Pets from Ghosts & Ghouls2018-09-04T11:55:19-07:00

Keeping Pets Safe on Halloween!

Halloween festivities and trick-or-treating can be entertaining for all ages, although it can be frightening for pets.  Here are some great tips to consider. 1. Isolate Your Pets Pets can become stressed when loud ghosts and goblins knock at your door.  Place your pet in a closed room in your home.  Make sure that your [...]

Keeping Pets Safe on Halloween!2018-07-31T10:30:03-07:00
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