10 Reasons Your Cat Needs a Pet Sitter

You may think you don’t need a pet sitter if you have a cat, but we’re here to tell you that they are capable of many antics that means they shouldn't be alone for longer than 12-16 hours. Here are five reasons why your cat needs a pet sitter. 1. Medical Emergencies Cats are known [...]

10 Reasons Your Cat Needs a Pet Sitter2022-12-01T13:27:11-07:00

Helping Animals Through Adoption, Not Shopping

Pet Shopping? Here’s what you should know before you buy (accidentally or intentionally) your next pet from a “puppy mill”. Where do you go when you are looking to add a four-legged friend to your family? There are thousands of unwanted, stray animals that deserve a chance at a loving, forever home. Your local Humane [...]

Helping Animals Through Adoption, Not Shopping2018-07-31T17:59:20-07:00

July 4th Pet Safety

July 4th is a widely recognized holiday enjoyed by families across the USA.  Who doesn't love backyard barbecues, family gatherings and patriotic celebrations?   As Americans, we prepare in advance by hanging flags, decorating, menu planning and determining which firework displays we will attend.  July 4th festivities and loud fireworks can be terrifying for your pets. Consider some advance planning for [...]

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Keeping your Pet Summer Safe in Arizona

Summer is a time for outdoor enjoyment and fun, but the season can hold potential dangers for your pets.  In The Valley of the Sun, the dangers of high temperatures should not be underestimated.  By following a few basic tips you can maintain good health and safety for your pets. While at home, ensure that [...]

Keeping your Pet Summer Safe in Arizona2018-07-31T10:45:07-07:00
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