mother’s day

A Celebration of Motherhood for Pet Lovers

Mother’s Day celebrations need not be just for two-legged moms, but a celebration for four-legged moms, too.   I would like to honor a four-legged mother by telling the story of my littlest friend, Dillon.  I first spotted Dillon at the PACC911 pet rescue adoption event held at the Franciscan Renewal Center on March 10, 2007. From a distance, I observed four-month old Dillon looking at the people strolling by with a confident upheld chin and a swift-wagging tail. Well-meaning folks passed without even a glance, yet Dillon remained steadfast with his hopeful eye contact until they were out of site. As the crowd settled so did Dillon, lying down next to his siblings; one in particular, to wash her ears, kiss her and lay his head on top of her head as if he were her protector.  Fondly, I watched Dillon act as an awesome puppy caretaker to his runt sister, as she slept underneath her watchful and protective big brother. […]