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Responsible Pet Care is the Law

 Spay. Neuter. Be Responsible. It seems a simple idea, but in reality, there are millions of people who have failed their pets by not providing training, basic health care, grooming, proper socialization and more. Become part of the solution to the nationwide stray and unwanted pet epidemic. There is a serious animal issue in our [...]

Responsible Pet Care is the Law2018-09-26T11:40:14-07:00

National Disaster Preparedness Month

September is National Disaster Preparedness Month. As pet sitters, it’s very important that we have specific plans in place for the pets we care for no matter the time of year. Arizona is host to many potential problems from intense dust storms to seasonal flooding. By having a universal plan in place we can handle [...]

National Disaster Preparedness Month2018-07-31T10:21:00-07:00

Helping Animals Through Adoption, Not Shopping

Pet Shopping? Here’s what you should know before you buy (accidentally or intentionally) your next pet from a “puppy mill”. Where do you go when you are looking to add a four-legged friend to your family? There are thousands of unwanted, stray animals that deserve a chance at a loving, forever home. Your local Humane [...]

Helping Animals Through Adoption, Not Shopping2018-07-31T17:59:20-07:00

A Celebration of Fatherhood for Pet Parents

Father's Day need not be just for two-legged Dads, but for four-legged Dads too. I would like to honor a four-limbed "grandpa"; by sharing the story of Butler, a Great Dane/Sharpei pooch! I first met Butler when he was 4 years old. The family that had him could no longer care for him and they [...]

A Celebration of Fatherhood for Pet Parents2018-07-31T10:22:16-07:00

A Celebration of Motherhood for Pet Lovers

Mother’s Day celebrations need not be just for two-legged moms, but a celebration for four-legged moms, too.   I would like to honor a four-legged mother by telling the story of my littlest friend, Dillon.  I first spotted Dillon at the PACC911 pet rescue adoption event held at the Franciscan Renewal Center on March 10, 2007. From [...]

A Celebration of Motherhood for Pet Lovers2018-12-12T12:41:55-07:00

Keeping Pets Safe on Halloween!

Halloween festivities and trick-or-treating can be entertaining for all ages, although it can be frightening for pets.  Here are some great tips to consider. 1. Isolate Your Pets Pets can become stressed when loud ghosts and goblins knock at your door.  Place your pet in a closed room in your home.  Make sure that your [...]

Keeping Pets Safe on Halloween!2018-07-31T10:30:03-07:00

5 Tips for Choosing A Dog Trainer

An unruly or ill-mannered dog can impact everyone in your family. Don’t take a chance by hiring a trainer who is unqualified. Just as choosing a trustworthy pet sitter is important, so is choosing a qualified dog trainer. We’re often asked for recommendations on dog trainers, but we only recommend those who we feel are [...]

5 Tips for Choosing A Dog Trainer2018-07-31T10:33:59-07:00

July 4th Pet Safety

July 4th is a widely recognized holiday enjoyed by families across the USA.  Who doesn't love backyard barbecues, family gatherings and patriotic celebrations?   As Americans, we prepare in advance by hanging flags, decorating, menu planning and determining which firework displays we will attend.  July 4th festivities and loud fireworks can be terrifying for your pets. Consider some advance planning for [...]

July 4th Pet Safety2022-03-31T04:22:32-07:00
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